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Overall Picture of Cohousing in the UK


UK Cohousing Network

A rich source of information and resources. Worth checking on a regular basis for news, events and webinars. You can hook up to their Twitter, Blog and email newsletter.


Vivarium Trust debated in the Scottish Parliament, October 2012.

That the Parliament welcomes the efforts by the Vivarium Trust to publicise the benefits of co-housing in North East Fife and across the country; supports efforts to establish a trial project in order to highlight what it considers to be the benefits associated with co-housing for older people


Scottish Cohousing Groups


Duneland Cohousing - Findhorn.

Phase 1 already built.


Penington - Glasgow

Active group in Glasgow with a site.


Other Links


American Cohousing Network

A rich source of information on well established cohousing, new developments and conferences.


Canadian Cohosing Network

Resource for cohousing communities in Canada, working together to create healthy sustainable communities

Forthcoming Events

Next Open Meeting

The date and venue of Vivarium's next Open Meeting will be announced shortly.<< New text box >>

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