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Vivarium Trust

The Vivarium Trust

The Charitable Trust

The Vivarium Trust is a charity, set up as a Company Limited by Guarantee,

  • to promote affordable co-housing, especially for older people
  • to inform, educate, research and advise and share information on co-housing
  • to offer advice in setting up the pilot project and other projects.

The pilot project will provide a working example/sustainable model/physical evidence:

- how to set up, fund, manage, design, build and successfully live in a co-housing community in order that this concept may be rolled out nationwide.
- and to provide examples/models of how to set up and create income generating and/or social enterprise projects for the group involving the wider community.

The project’s progress will be educational, highlighting the problems and demonstrating ‘best practise/way forward’.   

The objects in the Memorandum & Articles of Association of The Trust are:-

To advance education with regard to the development and operation of co-housing projects and the social benefits which can be achieved through a co-housing approach, and with particular reference to its application in addressing the special housing needs of older persons; and in furtherance of that aim, to establish and support pilot projects which demonstrate and test the practical application of co-housing schemes.

Company limited by guarantee, registered in Scotland No. 330445. Scottish Charity SC 038745

12 Bennochy Road, Kirkcaldy, Fife, KY1 1YQ

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